Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Lauren. I live in Lewiston, ME with my sister, her husband and our fur babies. My friends and family mean the world to me. I am lucky to have a very supportive circle around me.  My mom instilled a love of crafting at an early age, which I love to share with others, Creativity is my passion. I love relaxing at the beach. Some of my favorite things include daisies, rainbows, iced tea, chocolate and "the Golden Girls." I am also passionate about animal rescue and have worked at our local humane society for seven years. 

My Chalky Story

How it began...

My journey with Chalky and Company began in March 2016. I was invited to a Chalky workshop by a friend. She wanted someone "crafty" to go with her. I instantly liked what I saw, especially that their products are Made in the USA and easy to use. I wasn't really looking to start a business, but as soon as I used the paint, I was hooked.
With my friend's encouragement, I signed up, never expecting that what started as a hobby would become so much more. For me, its about community. It was the experience of people coming together in a fun way. I especially love being able to help others find their creative side as they complete their projects. 

Why do I love Chalky?

Chalky Painting is so much fun! Anyone can paint it Chalky. You get to customize your projects to fit your style. Plus, you get me to help you create.  

 Chalky & Company 

- Offers high quality products that are Made In The USA.
- Features their signature "Chalky Paint."
- Products are easy to use
- No experience needed. 
- Offers projects to fit any budget.

 Here's a few reasons that I love Chalky paint
-  it's easy to use
- there are NO VOC's
- it can be used on a variety of surfaces
- they offer 26 beautiful colors

Are you ready to Paint it Chalky?

* Due to COVID-19, I am currently booking VIRTUAL workshops only.